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Full Version: Asking opion about Source Capture Systems?
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Have anyone try or have the Nail Salon Source Capture Systems with Healthy Airâ„¢ Technology of Aerovex company?
How is it working for your salon?
Does it really sucking up all the dust and odor ?

I would like to invest on this systems for my salon but I still wonder how powerful it works as the advertise.

Thank you in advance.
I'll like to know this too
I have not had great luck with the Aerovex system or any others for that matter. The Aerovex did help with the amount of dust in the air around my station, but there is still a large amount of dust on my hands & my clients hands with each gel service.
I would have to say, in my opinion, the best options out there right now are the vacuum units that have hoses that attach directly to your efile hand piece. I know they are not as quiet as we would like them to be, but they do the best job in reducing our exposure to dust.
With all that said, I AM waiting to hear from Aerovex, as I have been told that they are coming out with a new unit that is supposed to be designed specifically for Higher Dust volume workspaces. If I actually get to try this unit out, I will be happy to share my thoughts with you.
Thank you very much for your information, Darcy.
So the other option is a Valentino?
I saw a lower priced model from SALON TUFF.
My salon used a desk Mount system that isn't powerful at all.
2 other girls have brought in their own Valentino's to use...