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Full Version: Not sure why
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this is happening, I have a client that on one of her hands her nails are great when she comes in for her appointment but on her other had they are horrible. I'm not sure what to do! any suggestions?

Is it her dominate hand that is messed up when she comes back?
Gel or acrylic?
I'm assuming it's the same hand each time? If it's the second hand that you work on, watch to see if she's got her face resting on the hand. Skin oils will do it every time!
It is her right hand and she is right handed and it is gel. It is the second hand that I do. Do you really think that it's because of the oils from her face? If it is, how do I tell her to keep her dam hands away from her face??? ugh!
A few years ago one of my co-workers had that same problem with a client, (and I have been trying to remember what the client did for a living) but it ended up that the client had to come in and have her nails filled weekly instead of every two weeks. Her nails would be normal wear and tear if she came in weekly and had the service done, but if she waited two weeks her dominate had would be trashed.
She could have her hand sorta in a fist and resting her chin on it. Our clients don't have any clue that skin oils will ruin an otherwise meticulous prep. Just explain to her that what she's doing is causing the problem. Good luck!
Are you using two different lamps to cure your gel? I have a left hand and a right hand on my desk. If you are, maybe the bulbs need to be replaced on the right hand one. I also agree with the dominant hand theory. I have many clients who trash the nails on their dominant hand.
What type of work does she do? Hobbies? Smoker?