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Full Version: Working on Damaged Nails
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I've been seeing a lot of "before and after" pics of damaged nails (I'm talking severe rings of fire) posted by some of my favorite pro techs on social media lately. The after pics are so extreme that they look like brand new hands/nails!

What's your take on this? Is it really ok to be working on top of severely damaged nail beds? The techs I'm speaking about have some serious skills and some are 20 yr vets. Most of the before nail pics look so painful that I would be afraid to apply any kind of enhancement.

Do you work on damaged nails or not?

Love Those Toes Nail Spa
Wash, DC
Can anyone give me their take on this?

Sometimes when the nails are really thin they do feel less painful having something over them. I've ripped off my own acrylic *blush* enough times.
I would only refuse to apply product if the nail was bleeding or if I see infection around the nail. But in general burn marks and damaged nails, yes I'll apply cover pink acrylic or gel and make them at least look better while the damage grows out.
Thanks so much guys, I truly appreciate it!