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Full Version: New hard colour gels cure in 15 seconds...
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Over in here in Germany, we have just developed a new range of hard colour gels (not soak-off) that cure in 15 seconds in our combined 24W CCFL + 12W LED UV lamp. The gels are designed to cure in the traditional florescent bulb UV lamps, CCFL and LED UV lamps.

The gels can be used for full cover and as gel paints, so you don't need to buy separate products. No dispersion layer is created so you don't need to wipe.

In most cases you only need to apply one layer because the gels are very pigmented. An extremely high gloss is produced, but still we recommend using a top gel for added protection - if your customers visit every two weeks and don't use their hands for heavy work, that may not be necessary.

We will launch the first colors in Europe next week. By December we expect to have 40 colours in the range.

I know some of you guys love gel, so I am interested in your comments so we can decide if there might be a market for these in the US.

Thanks for your time!

Video 1: Shows one-layer application

Video 2: Shows gels curing in 15 seconds

Rumour has it that LE is reformulating to make all of their gels LED/UV compatible.
I am sure more companies will follow :-)
I hope LE does :-)