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Full Version: Need some help in terms of lighting..
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Hi to all manicurist/nail tech. I’m a college student from LA who need to interview manicurist/nail tech about the task lamp you guys are using and work area in general for my research design projects.

Unfortunately it is hard to interview a nail tech in person since she will be busy working in the shop for whole day.

I would be really appreciated if anyone can help me out by answering some questions to help me collect data for my projects, which is about designing an LED lamp that is suitable for nail tech, therefore I need to get some insights for you so I can improve and make the lamp you currently use better : ).

I need to get info in terms of the lighting situation at the work area and how can the task lamp/ desk lamp you use effect the effect of working. Moreover, just general information on the obstacle or problem you experience with bad lighting and such, feel free to share extra experiences outside of the questions. Just short answer can help a lot.

Thank you so much!

1. What type or kind of desk lamp do you use? What is the color of the light (warm or cool)? Is there any specific reason for choosing to use that color of light?

2. What do you like about your lamp and what is working well with the lamp you have?

3. Do you find using a desk lamp helpful? What is the difference between using one and not?

4. What trouble do you find when using a desk lamp? Or what is the working experience you had with using the lamp you have? (problems can be like… cast shadow that makes you harder to see..etc.)

5. If you are buying a new lamp, what specific requirement that you think your desk lamp must have?

6. How do you feel after a long day of work? (physically or emotionally)

7. Doing detail work like nail art, would you prefer to use tools like magnifiers that can enlarge the nails so you don’t have to squint?

8. Other information about the lamp or lighting or work area you want to share : )!

9. (Optional) I'm kindly asking if you can provide a photo of your work space please? Because different people have different settings and it will give a better visualization to the information you provided, and will help a lot in terms of improving the lamp design that dedicate to nail tech. The photo will only be used for research project only. You can email the photo to [email protected] or private message me.

Thank you so much for reading this and thanks to whoever is willing to take time and answer these question.
Thanks to all nail tech who make our girl’s nails looks pretty all the time : ) !