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Full Version: Milk and Honey Spa Pedicure posted by Diana from Indiana
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Milk and Honey Spa Pedicure

Milk and Honey smooth and refresh. The enzymatic exfoliating properties of milk(contains lactic acid, a natural AHA), the hdrating qualities of honey(a natural humecatant that retains moisture). the exfoliation of sugar that stimulates cell circulation), and thescent of vanilla(scent of peace and relaxation) make the combination of a sure bet for making skin soft and smooth.

Sugar 1 T.
Honey squirt (1 t.)
Sweet almond oil (1/2 t.) or Solar oil may be substiuted
Dry Milk Flakes approx 1 cup
Base unscented lotion.

Take a small container ( I use souffle cups) and add sugar. Add 1 t. of honey and oil. Mix well....When you are ready to exfoliate, add a couple drops of water and stir. Do not add water too soon or water will dissolve sugar. Use on clients hands,arms, feet and hands.
Take a small container and add approximately 1 Tablespoon of base lotion, add vanilla (fo or from your grocery shelf), honey and oil. Mix together....and massage legs...........

When adding milk to your pedicures, turn jets off and add cup of dry milk to your tub...the clients foot can be soaking as you work on the other foot. Atleast a total of 10 minutes soaking..

Legs will be smooth as a babies butt!!!!

This recipe and brochure service discription was made by several of us on the nail tech list years ago. Sandy Jo from MN, Althena from Tx, Karen Hodges from Key West and myself got this all together......
Diana Bonn (diana from indiana) <dbonn AT>
Muncie, IN USA