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Full Version: LE Super Shiny
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I have hair dressers that would like to wear gel polish but they don't want the hair color to stain the nails. Can I use super shiny over gel polish? If not, what do I use as a top coat if they want to wear sog polish? Thank you!
Super Shiny can be used over gel polish and yes it works great for hair stylists
Thank you so much!! I was worried it would Crack and peel over gel polish like some hard gels will. Glad to know it won't! Smile
Super Shiny is perfect for use over Hard Gel Color & Glitter Gels, but I would not recommend using Super Shiny over Soak-off Gel polish. It is not compatible with soak-off gels, you will most likely have pitting in the finish and you could have cracking as well.