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Full Version: NEED TO MOVE ON....
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hey All.....I have a home based nail salon and i feel i have outgrown my basement. I looking to step into a new space but not sure what is my best option.. I have worked at home for 23+ years and have enjoyed the conveniences of it but i am now doing myself an injustice not exposing myself to more clients and the limitation of referrals to my home business. I seek guidance from any tech that has made any move of growth be it small or grand. any suggestions on my next move....a whole new spot? booth rent? im green so i need all of the information i can get. all responses are appreciated
If branching out increases your costumer base and pays for a new location. I think that would be a good idea. I would like to hear how others in your shoes have done it.
Moving into your own space is a huge jump financially. The saying location, location, location does hold true and you pay a premium for a good location. Maybe seek out a salon/spa that has rooms for rent. Often times you can negotiate the first month free while you transition, be on a month to month so that you can move back home if it doesn't work out, and being in a salon/spa can give you the cross-referral and foot traffic that it sounds like you are looking for. Just be sure that they have a good rep and that there is not a high turnover (both can hurt you in the long run no matter how good you are).