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Full Version: Ranting...Sorry
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I wonder if I should allow new clients to come in for fills. I've people come in for a fill with nails that look really bad. Since I didn't schedule time to soak them off and do a new set, I end up trying to fix them the best I can. Still the finished result is not up to my standards which makes me upset for them to leave like that. I few weeks ago I did a fill. This woman's nails if I could describe the shape I would say they looked like the state of New Jersey. There were literally chunks missing from the sides like someone took a bite out of them and they were very crooked. So I filled them and had to add acrylic to the sides. They looked a million times better, but not good enough for me. Today I had another new fill. This woman's nails weren't as bad as New Jersey, but they were crooked and a weird roundish shape. She wanted glitter added to the tips also. I tried to fix them the best I could, but with the glitter acrylic it was hard to add more acrylic to the sides. She was very happy with them when I was finished. I just can't believe people would pay for that crap. It makes me very angry. Sometimes I feel like a plastic surgeon. Anyways here's a pic from the nails from today. You can see they are still a little crooked and uneven on the sidewalls.
[Image: IG9xqRB.jpg]
I have found that it helps to ask when their last service was, and let them know ahead of time that the best option may be to soak off and start fresh. As far as feeling like a plastic surgeon, often times you are. The reward is that it makes you look like a rockstar when you can make the worst nails look like the best by simply adding a little more product and reshaping. You may not think that it's your best work, but I guarantee the client feels better about themselves, notices the difference, and most times (even if you are more expensive than their usual place) will come back so that you have the opportunity to give them your best Smile