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Hello, I'm looking for an alternative product. I am allergic to Shellac, Gelish and OPI Gelcolor. I have been battling this for 4 years now and I've finally been tested. Sure enough I was allergic to it all. I suggested we try to pinpoint exactly what ingredients I'm allergic to so I can look for products without those ingredients. He didn't feel it was necessary to do further testing. Well I feel it's very necessary if I want to continue doing nails. This was a dermatologist, I'm wondering if I should see an allergist? I want to email Doug Schoon and see if he has any thoughts. Thank, Kelly*
Maybe Vinylux or Young nails Caption polish
I'm no Dr. but it sounds like you're allergic to monomer. With that kind of allergy, you're going to have a reaction to all gel polish (they have monomer and oligomer, pigments and some have solvents). It's a basic ingredient and it's not like you're going to find some brand of gel polish that doesn't have it.

regular nail laquer should be fine.

You can try wearing gloves. That may or may not be enough to keep from having a reaction.

there is no medicine for contact dermatitis. you just have to stay away from it.
I am allergic to acrylic monomer. I use Gloves in a Bottle everyday and have no issues