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Full Version: Difficulty removing Cuccio Gel
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Hi, Question.....
I have a very hard time removing cuccio soak off gel. Has anyone had experience with this brand? I have soaked it off with pure acetone X 15 minutes after breaking the seal.....and it still is on there good. Requires using "their" metal scraper. Frustrated and thinking about switching brands. Thoughts?Heart
I find it hard to remove also! However, stays like a dream!
Yes Always... I use Shellac base and I STILL have a hard time getting it off.... but it does stay very well..... You also have to completely file off the top coat
Im not quite sure what to do. I don't have tons of time to remove the veneer or I feel like I need to charge way more money cause it adds soooo much time. I also feel like my clients wonder why it won't come off and they hate the scraping which I hate also. From reading on this site, I am going to try to just "fuze" the free edge and see if that makes a difference? You think? I have an e file with YN safety bit but don't feel good enough yet to use it. When clients come to me with other brands they seem to soak off fine and simple need the use of a orange wood stick. I can't switch brands right now, spent to much money on Cuccio.
Yes... even thought I use Fuse only on the free edge I still can't get it to budge sometimes.....
I also wrap the hands in hot towels after I put the remover on the nails... I think the heat may help?