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Full Version: polish under gel topcoat
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So i have done it a million times but for some reason it chipped off. So I polished the nail a solid color and did a design over top. I let it dry and then topcoated it with finish gel and she came in 3 days later and it was chipping off. As I files it off to fix it it was like the first layer never stuck to the nail...any ideas why this would happen. Nail was clean and dry when applied and polish was dry befor finish gel.
I was always told the polish needed to be completely dry or it would chip as you say it's doing. I've never had any luck with it waiting 5-10 min. as some suggested, then doing it. It still chipped...... Sad
I always wait for it to dry 10-15 minutes. Too soon it will ripple under the gel sealant, too late it won't stick and chip off. its a perfect balance of when to apply the sealant.