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Full Version: Efile with cuticle area question please?
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Hello friends,
I have had this trouble for a while, just can't solve the problem yet.
Whenever I use an efile to make the acrylic powder of the cuticle area thin, I either leave too much acrylic powder on, or take too much powder off, more than I should. I just can never make it right, make it enough. Do you have any technique for this dump girl please? Thank you so so much for your big help!!!
It's all about product control. You need to master that and the only thing is get a practice hand and keep at it. My point is, if you do that, you shouldn't have to efile.
I don't think I could ever get so good at applying acrylic that my nails need no filing. Without seeing what you are doing it would be hard to help you. It could be a number of things speed, angle you hold the file, drill bit... Keep practicing.
Thanks guys, yes I practice doing this so often but still can't get it yet.
Hi Jim, what type of nail bit do you use please? I use the medium, and would you be able to tell me the difference of 1/8 and 3/32 shaft please? Thank you in advance
I use a coarse carbide bit. The shaft size is the diameter of the part that goes into the hand piece (not the abrasive side) I think most will fit both sizes.
I guess you must be really good to use the coarse bit. By the way, do you use the large or small barrel (head) please? I'm using the large one but I guess the small one may be better for the cuticle area? Thanks Jim.
I use a coarse bit mainly because I'm nervous about having to go over an area too many times and generating too much heat. I use a large I guess because that's the most common, and I've never tried the small. I imagine they would be better for smaller nails getting around the tighter curve. The only thing I can think of is when I file that area I only file in one direction. I don't go back and forth. I make that part of the nail very thin . I don't think you can take too much off unless it is all the way gone.
Thanks Jim. I think my problem right there. I apply the cuticle area really thin as well, and when I use the drill, all the powder of that part gone. I keep the drill bit flat. Do you keep it flat too? Should I change the angle? Please let me know ... I really appreciate your help.
After hand-filing the sidewalls and free edge I file the cuticle area and sidewalls thin with the e-file. It's just the very edge that I'm filing (not so much the 'cuticle area' but edge), so will be flush to the new growth (no bump). I do hold the bit at an angle. Then I file down the free edge to make it even and as thin as I want. After that I file down the apex of the nail to the right thickness if I made it too thick. Once the borders of the nail are as thin as you want and the thickest part is the right thickness, all that is left is to thin down the parts in between so the nail has a nice shape where everything tapers towards the apex. It's hard to explain I thought maybe it would help to explain from beginning to end.
Thank you so much Jim. For a Slow person like me, yes this way of explanation help me a lot. Its very kind of you to share your experience with others and I hope someday I can make nice acrylic nails just like you. Have a good week and thanks again.