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Full Version: need to vent
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lately i keep reading posts from around internet about health problems that many technicians get from their job and i get really discouraged.I have back problems and my wrist also is in a bad condition and i work 16 years.i need 20 more years(!!) to get pension from this job and i think that i will not be able to do this job for 20 more years!i really love what i do and i cannot think of anything else that could possibly make me feel happy with less fatique and that makes me really sad cause i need to think for the future.So my question is what do you do to help yourself when this matters knock your door?what do you plan ahead for making yourself less tired? i really need your advice on that !thank you !
what kind of exercise could possibly help wrist problems?
how long did you suffer from your wrist?
Do something that involves more movement during your spare time.