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Full Version: LED Lamp questions
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I am looking at purchasing the Rapid cure Mach1 LED lamp at Premiere Nail Source. I was wondering if any one has used this yet.
Does LED light cure Shellac.
Where can I buy the new OPI gel colors now. They are not on OPI website. and my local supply is not having them till Janurary. I want tem for my clients for the Holidays
it is my understanding that led lights do not cure all gels or sog's, altho gellish claims theirs will cure gel with a longer time frame. there is a company i cant recall the name at the moment, i am sure someone will read this and nail it..that has online article about the bulbs and lamp differences. there is also only so many lines that have the led capabilities to them. as you can tell i dont have


Shellac and CND directly instruct that their 36 watt UV lamp be used, while many of us use other brands of UV Lamps to cure our shellac with no problems. Shellac is not formulated for an LED cure. So the rapid cure LED light ( I was also looking at it as the price is great ) is only going to cure LED products like Gelish and the light speed soak off polish from PNI.
Manicuresthatlast will have a dual LED UV unit coming so you can have it for both types of product. Not all products will cure in the LED but they will cure in the UV.
i think its light elegance that has that about the bulbs and lamps
Kathie's right, LE has the article that explains the differences in lights. Here's the link, the article you want starts on pg 14:


Very helpful Darcy. Thank you for sharing the link.
You're welcome Cheryl, I am glad it was helpful to you.
Always happy to help. Smile
How long of a cure for gelish in an led lamp?