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Full Version: Has anyone tried LCN Natural Boost Gel?
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I see LCN has a new product that looks similar to IBX. Has anyone tried it? It seems a bit pricey.
To me it seems more similar to that Tammy Taylor Miracle Manicure. I like the idea of this type of product but I don't how how they do on lifting. If it takes extra time to remove lifted areas each visit I don't know if it's worth it for me.
what is the difference between IBX, LCN natural boost gel and Tammy Taylor Miracle Manicure? Which one is the best?
The salon I'm working at is using it....We have used it under gel polish and under the hard gel-- the directions say not rec under gel polish, but we do and I haven't seen a problem so far using it under gel polish. We are using it as a base coat- I haven't seen any crazy drastic improvements-- they are saying that it makes your nails a little stronger then the traditional gel polish base coat- I haven't had a lot of clients that I've used it on yet as I am there since July only.