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Full Version: OPI Gelcolor Matte topcoat
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I purchased a bottle of this soon after it came out. The other day I went to use it it was dried up. I couldn't get the top off and after tugging hard enough the brush came out and you can see all the product is dried up with a hole in the middle where the brush is. Has anyone heard of this or had it happen to them. I wonder if the product is defective. I tried to take it back to Cosmoprof but they would not take it. I don't have clients that want matte nails very often, but it's very annoying that when I do the product is ruined.
I am kind of surprised that Cosmoprof wouldn't take it back. I have had that problem with my local Salon Centric, but not Cosmoprof. That goes to prove excellent customer service is hard to come by!
Contact OPI directly. They have been great at replacing bad bottles of GelColor for us. There are several formulations they know have issues and will send you a different color or top/bottom coat with no questions.