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Full Version: CND Vinylux
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Does anyone know if you can add polish thinner to the Vinylux? I have a couple of bottles that are getting thick and I have used them only a couple of times.

Check the ingredients if the same ingredients in your thinner are also found Vinylux it should be fine. When adding thinner basically you are replacing the solvents that have evaporated.
Ask Creative! they are great, you can call them, or check their website.
CND will never say it is ok to add thinner (or anything else) into their polish or Shellac. They do not want you messing with the "recipe"
You have to shake Vynlux like Gel Polish. But I've added thinner (OPI and Seche) and it ruined the polish
i ve added seche vite thinner and it works fine but it takes longer to dry!!!
Vinylux is a 3 free polish. I have used Zoya polish thinner with positive results.
Gel thinner works for me