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Full Version: Nail Art Brush
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I am a Nail Tech student ,and i am about to graduate in August. I am on the search for a liner brush that can paint tiny,thin, intricate designs. It seems like all the brushes i buy are awful in quality. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions! Or even a website that offers great quality products.
My favorite brush for nail art (so far) is a tiny brush I found at Sally Beauty. I can't post the link, but it's called Winning Nails Sable Nail Art Brush, Sally Item # SBS-704306. There are several sizes they offer I believe, but I've always bought that tiny one.
The only problems I've had with the two I've bought so far is that sometimes a bristle or two will start to point out, but that's easily fixed by trimming them off.
Also, I bought a packet of small paintbrushes at my local WalMart in the art section. They aren't as tiny as the other one, but some are small enough that I can use them for smaller designs. They've held up pretty well to cleaning them with acetone- although I got acetone on the handle of one and the paint dissolved right off. Otherwise they've been pretty good. I believe they were $4.97 for a pack of 10 in various sizes, so I wasn't afraid of ruining them since they were so inexpensive.
Best of luck in finding a brush that works well for you! Smile
Crystal Nails has amazing brushes. For intricate detail i would suggest the 0 Short and Art Brush.
Using nail polish or acrylic paint?
for acrylic paints....
I suggest walking into a good art supply store... in Westminster (CA) there is an Art Supply Warehouse...
find one with a good supply of brushes, well stocked... almost every brush manufacturer makes liners

the sad thing is, the quality is not what is used to be and the prices certainly are not
I used to prefer red sable (red weasel ;-) ) for behavior and durability
now, the quality is not the same unless you are willing to spend a lot
sometimes there are good sales....
I've been pleased enough with some synthetics, Loew-Cornell and Robert Simmons particularly...
recently found on sale a couple Princeton brushes (a detailer and liner), very nice (show type)

I'm not crazy about Taklon, no matter how I clean it the bristles become unruly (splaying) too soon
and I just don't find it flexible enough