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Full Version: Honey and Almond Spa Manicure posted by Diana from Indiana
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Honey and Almond Spa Manicure

Sweet Honey has hydrating qualities that retain moisture. Natural White Cane Sugar is a natural exfoliation that stimulates cell circulation. Sweet Almond Oil is an emollient, that softens and has nutritive qualities. All three natual products produces silky smooth hands and arms immediately.

1 T. of Base unscented Lotion
1/2-1 t. of Sweet Almond Oil (solar oil may be substitued)
1 t. of honey
l T of sugar.

For exfoliation......Use a add 1 T. of sugar to container (I use souffle cup), add honey, oil and mix well. Immediately before using add a couple drops of water. Do not add water to early or sugar will melt.

For lotion.........Put lotion in a container, add honey and oil,,,,,mix well. Scented fo may be added at this time. Massage hands.

These recipes were put together a couple of years ago by several of us on the Nail Tech Mailing List. Sandy Jo (MN), Althena (TX), Karen Hodges (Key West) and myself.
Diana Bonn (diana from indiana <dbonn AT>
Muncie, IN USA