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Full Version: Thank you all!!
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Years past I always had a certain amount of trepidation about "being off the grid" for any more time than it took for me to recharge my batteries!

This past was a VERY special weekend.. my step son got married to the sweetest little thing in the world.. I was off the grid and BARELY even touched my phone except to take, go through and post HUNDREDS of pics from the eventful exciting and perfect weekend!

I didn't even think about all of you (is that bad?) all weekend. I actually have been quite comfortable lately knowing everyone was behaving and sharing as the site was indented to be used for!

So that all said.. I wanted to thank you all for giving me peace of mind this weekend and I'll share the pics from the wonderful weekend with everyone! (click the pic to go!)

[Image: 14609590386_3d741f92d7.jpg]
Beautiful! Wishing them lots of happiness
Here's to them, and here's to you for allowing yourself time to "be off the grid". Cheers.
What a lovely couple! How wonderful that you were able to relax and enjoy your family for the whole weekend, you should try to do that more often. Wink
Thanks Darcy.. the lovely couple are honeymooning in Hawaii, biking down volcanoes and learning how to surf! Yea I intend on doing this more often Smile