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Full Version: Selling client list
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ever you ever heard of this or would you purchase another nail techs client list if she was retiring? If so what questions would you ask and how much would you be willing to purchase it for if it was 65 clients? Please help by giving me your opinions.
You can not buy clients! Just because you buy a list, doesn't mean they will come to you. I personally say never!
So I know that you can't buy people, however the nail tech says that her cleints will go where she refers them to and then it's u[ to me. I'm surprised that only one person responed, no one else has an opioion???
I trust that you do good work, but I question that her recommendation is for sale. If you were the best available, but refused to buy her list, would she sell it to someone less qualified? What kind of income do these 65 clients generate? How often do they get their nails done? If that list were 65 clients who book standing appointment accounting for $100,000 annually, I'd make a minimal offer.