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Full Version: Gel polish peeling...
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Have any of u who do gel polish ,have a client who suddenly ,after many times of problem free months ,or years of getting gel polish ,out of nowhere ,they constantly have problems ???? This is really bugging me ,since I have no clue what could be causing it. I am meticulous with my prep ,and application ,could warm room temperature cause this ? Racking my brain !!! Says they are startin at the tip ,but this time one is peeling on the side....
Could her nail be getting thin & not holding the gel from application or removal?
Medication? Change is job?
That's very frustrating!
I have thought of all that ,and intend to ask when I see her Weds ,but I always ask those things last ,since I don't want them to feel like I am passing the buck and blaming them,lol ,people can be funny about that sometimes.
I know how you feel -- I hope others chime in as well!
Update, me and my client are just going to plug along and work through it ,did an awesome lime green rick star on her today ,she was ecstatic ! She was sad tho ,about the 4th of July ones we just did ,cuz she had tons of compliments...Anyway ,changed my CND bulbs that had 49 min/ hrs left on them ,buffed her nails a bit before application , more than usual ,and added a layer of Structure...if this doesn't last ,back to the drawing board...she hugged and kissed me when she left...great client !!! Smile
Ok, so quite some time has passed since you posted -- what happened??! I'm desperate also because I'm having the same problem with one of my favorite clients. You mention CND bulbs so I'm assuming you use Shellac. I use OPI GC but I need to figure out of it's a product issue or a technical issue though I doubt it is because I ScrubFresh the heck out of the plate lol.
Jupiter583 ,she usually goes an insane amount of time between visits ,I have not heard from her ,which is a good sign b/c she only calls if there is a problem ,or to book something. I use a bunch of different brands which include Gelish ,IBD ,INK and some Shellac ,etc. etc. I need the variety of colors because I use a lot of gel polish on my acrylic and hard gel clients. Her nat nails tend to be a little peely at the ends ,but haven't had an issue up until now. We are both stumped...