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Full Version: How do you get the 3D bows to stay on?
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I've been using Gelish foundation dotted on for rhinestones and crystals but what does everyone use to add the little 3D bows to the nail? It's hit or miss with resin and acrylic beads when I've tried. I saw someone use resin then the activator spray, but will that mess up the polish? and does it hold well? Thanks!
When I apply the bows over nails with regular polish I remove the polish in the area the bow is going with my french brush and acetone. I apply then with a bead of acrylic. For the Metal bows I place the bead on the nail and put the bow in it. It needs to spill over the sides some for it to stay on well. It looks fine like that once I put gel on top. For plastic bows there is no need to have acrylic around the sides you can keep it neatly hidden away.