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Full Version: nail art with loose glitter??
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Can someone pleaaaase help me. I was told by a girl I worked with that her nail tech did a gradient with loose glitter and acohol. I've tried but I have no idea what technique she used. Does anybody know how to do it?? I love doing gradients but I always use polish. I have no idea how to work with loose glitter.
Was it natural nails, acrylic, gel, gel polish it's hard to say with out knowing.
I'm also not really getting the alcohol part? Unless it was used to clean up some stray glitter?
If your doing a glitter fade with gel polish, you can dip your brush in some alcohol to dampen it a bit, enough to pick up loose glitter on the end and then apply it to the nail.

Fingernailfixer has a video on this. Find her FB page and look under videos.

I have no idea how you would use alcohol and loose glitter with regular nail polish.