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Full Version: Attending Beauty School in Cambodia
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I currently live in Cambodia (I'm originally from Europe). Just for fun, I decided to attend some hair styling and nail classes at a local beauty school. During the course, I met one native Cambodian lady who lived in the States, and was just spending her vacation in Cambodia. She told me she had attended beauty school in the States as well, and it had cost her a lot more there. The full tuition for a cosmetology program at this Cambodian school is just under $1,000. So, I thought, perhaps there could be an opportunity here to offer these courses to Westerners who want to get a more affordable education. Although Cambodia is still a developing country, it's actually pretty livable. You can get by without knowing the local language (as I do). The instructors, however, don't speak English, so a translator would have to be hired. But they aren't very expensive and if the cost is spread across several participants, it's even less of a issue. Also, this school is very reputable in Cambodia, as it has been operating for over 10 years and its founder is a local celebrity. So, I was just wondering what people think about this idea. Could there possible be demand for this?
There's limited demand when each state requires that education be completed within its state-approved schools.