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Full Version: Contact Gena products?
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I've sent four messages through their "contact" on the official website

and tried their facebook page
are they out of business? anyone know?
is that why I can't get gallon of warm-o-lotion locally?
I've called several suppliers, none of them even called back

I was hoping Gena could tell me who purchases this from them
why pay for shipping a gallon... and I want to see it is fresh

or.... I've tried a couple cheaper similar products from local shops, was not impressed, waxy, lumpy....
anyone use a product similar quality to warm-o-lotion original?

I found a smaller bottle of Gena coconut, nice but I like to let clients choose fragrances

In fact, I just looked and their site does not show any kind of warm-o-lotion......

American International bought them several years ago.. have you tried calling at all?? try for phone numbers