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Full Version: gel polish removal
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Just a random question: Who soaks off the gel polish & Who files it off? And, If you file it off, Do you do it by hand file? Electric file? What bit?

Sorry for all the questions. I usually hand file it off. I find it faster. But I do apply a hard gel as my base coat to protect the natural nail. My clients prefer the filing over the soaking.

Thanks, Marie
At Young Nails' gel OWC they tell us to file off, with the efile
I do the soak off method.

I use the foil and acetone, place their hands in baggies and the put their hands in heated mitts. It removes quicker(less than 10 mins). The thought of filing off gel polish makes me uneasy. I have never had anyone complain about the exposure to the acetone.
I have used both methods. My clients have spoken and told me they prefer the e-file removal method. Even my clients that came to me scared of the e-file said they hate the soak off method and still prefer me to use the e-file for removal cause its faster, and for me less expensive and less to mess with.
Although if you do not have a dust collector, it is healthier and way less messy to soak off. Smile