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Full Version: rhinestones
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Hello All!! I am looking for quality rhinestones ( and hopefully a large quantityBlush). Does anyone know of a website or store that I can get the most for my money? I'm open to eBay, Amazon, etc..., and I'm looking for all colors an sizes. Thanks in advance.
I like for swarovski stones. Of all the sites for these, I think they have the best deals. It was a pain to go through each size and color, but in the end, I was very pleased with my purchase. Oh, and you get discounts on large qtys.
I use these and I love them! They obviously take awhile to get about 2 weeks so I order 3 wheels at a time so I don't run out before ordering more. But I love the multi color stones!
I couldn't attach the link so make sure you add the www in front of it Smile
I'd love to see those nails ^_^
Thanks ladies. In the hustle of everyday life, I totally forgot about writing this post. I found some on eBay that were about $3 or less (can't remember exactly). They came in about 4 days (Cali.-Ill.), and the quality is pretty good. Thanks for your responses, I will still check out these leads.