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Full Version: A lot of bubbles :(
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I'm trying out Tammy Taylor powder with CND Retention+ liquid and I am getting a lot of bubble. I've noticed that the smaller the bead the less bubbles. I've seen peoples work that use this and don't seem to have this problem.
Maybee you should try same liquid & powder Smile
TT powders set up really fast and need LOTS of liquid to have proper ratio due to the super fine powder. Also her powder is designed to work with her liquid which also is designed to work with a super strong acid primer. I know Retention is primer free. I would never mix two VERY different systems.

The best word of advice is not to mix systems at all.

Truthfully I used TT for 11 years and fought the bubble issue the whole time. I used her liquid AND her powder. After I switched brands, made sure i was using the right size brush and got the curve down I no longer had bubbles.

After 5 years of no bubbles with my new brand, I started teaching at a school who used TT and viola'! BUBBLES.
It was very frustrating to be in front of a bunch of students showing them "how to" and the damn bubbles rear up. When teaching classes for professionals using the new products, it all went smooth and wonderful. No bubbles, beautiful nails.
So I know I made the right choice (for me) in switching products.
I still like my new product, but am a "loyal" user and need the company I represent to be the same. Since as an instructor my students always ask which product I use I want to refer them to a good company that has taken care of me. Smile. So Im switching again not because of the product tho.
Sorry got a little off there. (sore spot) Smile