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Full Version: Gellit
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anyone used this product? a clear gel to be mixed with any regular polish.

Cures under led, or uv.

Strange...but, could be extremely useful.
Is that the product that can turn any nail polish into a gel? I got an email on it. Sounds to good to be true. But if anyone has tried it & it works, awesome.
They changed their name to Gelibility. Same product, works just like it says.
Seriously ? Oh ,I would sooo love to have some if it does what it says it does ,and lasts well !
Where can I get it? I have soooo many nail polish to choose from.
I tried Chrisma Soak off gel additive it seemed to really cure with LED, but days later it would start cracking on the nails when mixed with polish. I still use it with pigments and glitter so not a complete waste of money.