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Full Version: Dust collector
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I'm in search if a dust collector! Need some advice, please. Valentino or Sunflower?
Or any other systems you are using that you like?
Thanks in advance!
I'm in the same boat- I'm looking for one for my home. My job has a useless overhead light with a fan that barely works.
I could drag this back & forth because if I am paying for it, I'm not leaving it there over night......
I want one that draws dust down not up.
Premier Nail sells one from Salon Tuff at $199....can't find any reviews or info on this......However you can mail it back to them for a refund if you don't like it.....
I have tried a few dust collectors, and the Valentino is a much better option than the Sunflower. (The Sunflower is a waste of money in my opinion - falls apart, insufficient suction. Poor design for the price I paid, about $200.00.) I have the Valentino that is mounted under the table. On a scale of one-10, I would rate the suction at about a six. I had hoped and expected a little better suction from the Valentino - but a good solid option for a dust collector. They may have improved the suction since I purchased mine. Of course, this is just my opinion. And the unit is portable.

I do alot of e-file pedicures, and I use the Salon Pure Air, which I like very much. Absolutely would not be without it. But it is hardly portable - you could not take it in your car with you. I can roll it across the floor where I need it. Great, really great suction but bulky. You may want to check out their website to see the size of a machine that will really pull dust away from you.
I have been using the Aerovex unit since April and overall, have been pretty happy with it. It definitely removes the dust from your breathing zone, the hose is adjustable, so put it where ever you want it and it will stay. There does seem to be a bit of the super fine dust left behind on the skin, but I just use soft brushes from Light Elegance to dust the hand while it is still running and it sucks it right up.
I would say that it sounds about like a window A/C unit, not too loud at all and I Do Not like noisy things, so that is saying something. lol
It was similar to the Salon Pure Air, but is now a smaller unit than when it first came on the scene and is on wheels, so you can move it around the salon.
Omg!!! I was going to post about the same thing. So I'm excited to see what the response is. Thank you for posting.


I use a filter for each client, and vacuum them at the end of the day.
Also I date (sharpie) all new filters so I know when to replace it.
Valentino! I would get the one that mounts into your table though. U have the table top version and it is kind of loud and uncomfortable to work on. The new design may be different though. It is a great investment though. I want to sell my older version and get the table insert when I upgrade my table!
I purchased the newer Valentino table top model....I LOVE IT! Sucks in the fumes and I no longer look like I work in a flour factory....
Thank you to the person who posted this. I had used the Sunflower because I was a distributor and mentor for YN bqck then. Tho I was happy to have anything that removed dust I agree it was of poor design afer the bulb melted the face and it developed a short again after I sent it in for a repair.
Now that I feel free to used other brands I have been wanting to find the best solution. Also thanks to all that pitched in their experience.
The 3 generation VBP is way better ergonomic for the tech and the clients, if you have a clean filter for each client then you should not have to turn it up more then half way and it's won't be so loud, but even with it at max it till less noise as a hair dryer.

I still use the first gen, it's over two years old with a few accidental drop but still work like the first day I got it.