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Full Version: Best LED Light for Cuccio Veneer?
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I normally use my LE Easy Cure lamp for Cuccio and have been testing which LED lamps cure Veneer. My old YN LED lamp doesn't work, Gelish doesn't seem to work either. I haven't read good reviews about their light on here so I held off on getting the light. Any recommendations?
wellllll... this lamp is wonderful IMHO, I like it so much I tried to give my friend my 2 older lamps (she doesnt need any more spare lamps tho!)
(click pic to go & read all the features..)

[Image: 662900.jpg]
Is this lamp completely flat on top like the CND lamp ?
Not sure I've seen the CND lamp.. this is not ---- flat it has a very slight arch to it, I wouldnt call it domed..
We use OPI LED lights for all of our gel polish and it works fine with everything (including Shellac!).