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Full Version: Full cover false nails
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I have a friend that wants me to do some extra long stiletto and extra long nails that she canuse tape to put on or glue. She can't wear tips or acrylics because of the hospital she works at and i can't seem to find any that are full cover that fits back to her cuticle. I thought I could but tips and file the base edges down to fit. But would like to buy quantity of these to do for Halloween too. Does anyone know were I can find a supplier for these?
I get mine from ebay.
The ones I find on ebay have the well on them. Do you have a seller store site or a name I can look for.
You could sculpt them on her nails with no bonding products. and put a little oil on them before. They will be able to be popped off. Then she can glue them back on later.