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Full Version: Sugar or Salt?
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Hi ladies! Just wondering which you prefer for pedicures: sugar scrub or salt scrub? Taking a poll. I've tried both; salt is very coarse but I like the results. Sugar is not coarse enough for my preference but is more comfortable for clients (I guess).
Sound off!
(I thought there was an old post about this but can't find it)
Salt can pull hydration from the skin. It is why we soak in epsom salt when feet are swollen. I prefer sugar.
I prefer sugar. I find that it is not that harsh. I use opi scrub, it has a nice scent and it does the trick.
I agree that salt is a drying agent so I prefer sugar.
Salt is far to abrasive. I love sugar scrubs
Cocoa Sugar Scrub all the way!! Less abrasive, doesn't have the drying effects of the salt!


I make my own, I use brown sugar in the mix of oils.
I use a sugar scrub.
Salt dehydrates, sugar hydrates..
I guess if you have someone that really has oily skin, use a salt scrub, just remember if they shaved right before their pedi, it might irritate the skin, because their pores are still open...I can verify that fact! :oops:

But, eventually it is your decision, on what you want to use on your clients.
Sugar scrub for sure. I don't like the coarse salt texture, or the drying effect. It seems a little counter-productive.


Qtica's sugar scrubs all the way. Very moisturizing. Not sure how much exfoliation is needed for it to work. Any extra dry skin I e-file off first, then I don't have to worry about the scrub not working. Then with a deep penetrating hydrating lotion that does the trick.

Something else to consider is if people have any circulatory issues or are elderly using salt scrub on them is too harsh.
Sugar is much better, its a smooth surface that won't damage the clients skin the way salt can. My new favorite is the Tropical Citrus - I think its OPI, I go by sent and feel of product, not really by company.
I mix my own sugar scrub because salt makes me itch and irritated my clients legs. If you want a nice somewhat coarse sugar try "raw turbinado cane sugar" it comes in tiny crunchy crystals disolves great with the exfoliating power of salt, without the harshdry itchiness. And it tastes amazing Haha! Great in coffee or on cupcakes.
I like sugar scrubs, the salt is way too harsh on the skin.
thanks ladies! i love all the feedback. so here's the follow up question:

Is a sugar scrub a sugar scrub? Meaning, do you see a difference between top brands (OPI, CND, etc) and value brands (like Nailite) or homemade?

Help me save some time and money...I can't afford to do major sampling right now! Big Grin
i used to make my own sugar scrubs and honestly if you buy a big tub of opi it works out to be cheaper in the long run. my honemade stuff kept dryig out ad i could never get it to smell as good as the stuff you buy.
i mix opi's sugar scrub with SALT! sugar dissolves too easily so what i do is i have a little container that i mix up right before each client with some salt and a bit of water. i used to use oil but i found that it clogged up my jets and made some goopy stuff in my drains!!! it is by far my clients' FAVORITE part of their pedicure!! i get complimented on it all the time.but yes, warn against shaving within 24 hours before a pedi cause it will burn!