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Full Version: prom specials
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so, with proms being around the corner.. how do you get them in?? where I am, a discount salon just the same plaza... I went in today to do some recognizance.. lOl.. had a manicure and took one of their brochures to look at prices.... the hair dressers in my salon are booked with prom up do's.. what would be enticing to get them over to me.... ideas? TIA
Bling.. offer something in the way of free glitter tips, stones.. something.. prom girls want more than just color! For the most part you'll never see them again, but if you treat them right they will tell their mom, aunt, older sister, boyfriends sister... If you sense they are responsible to come back and be a good client give them some thing a little more special and rebook them at a discount for their next visit.. pre-print some coupons.. make a big deal out of the special bling because they are already coming to Salon XYZ for their prom hair do!

thx!!! great ideas!! I was also think temporary tips.. someone told me place the tip, blend, add coat of glue, spray activator, repeat twice more.. buff then polish.... I don't do artificial nail, just natural so maybe this might be another avenue? I've been doing ombre on me and maybe glitter toes and tips? I'm pulling this together asap as prom is junior prom is Saturday... and senior prom is in June...
Yes thats right on the tips and glue procedure - you MIGHT want to sprinkle some CLEAR acrylic powder in the glue before activating at least once.. you have to make a snap judgement.. ask some key questions as to if they will be back to determine what you are going to do. If you do the temp tips you should just instruct how to cut them down and safely remove because they wont come back.. they arent used to having nails and they will break them like crazy.. I LOVED doing the prom kids.. I often retained a few, but more often I gained mom's aunts etc because I respected the kids and talked to them like adults.. in turn they talked nice about me to mom auntie etc...