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Full Version: OPI polish queens, looking for Expresso
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I dont know if anyone here is on Pinterest but there was a pic I repinned that was "Expresso" by OPI. It was in the darks collection but I dont remember this color at all. The pic looks like its glittery. Does someone have this color that they can tell me if its just a dark brown or does it have glitter in it. If so, I have to find one, I love it!
I would not call it glittery, it has a shimmer to it and it is a GORGEOUS color, but I am guessing it is discontinued. So if Amazon has it for sale for that price, I would totally buy it again, it was one of my favorites and I loaned it out to a client for a wedding for emergency touch ups and I swear I think everyone at the wedding used it as there was barely any left when it came back Sad Ah well..
I just ordered 2 of them at $5.25 a piece! Amazing! I have a client that will probably faint when I show her I got them! She has always worn this and the one bottle I had is now in the garbage! We worked and worked at getting the last drop out! WOOOHOO!

Thank you for posting this! I didn't even think to check Amazon!

I think I see a big tip in my future! Smile
Is it just the lighting that makes these glittery and so dark?[/img]
Is this the same as Espresso Your Style? Because it looks different to me in the pic.
Thats what Im thinking. I LOVE the color in the pic I posted. It looks more like a diamond dust color.
Did more searching and the color is Holiday Glow from the Holiday Wishes collection, hmm I dont remember that one either. This is way off from the Expresso your style and of course I cant find the color.
It's a darker coffee color with a purpleish (that's not the right word but I can't think of any thing else to call it!) undertone and a little glitter.

You can make it more glittery in pictures depending on how it's photographed. All computers "see" differently so what I can see on mine may not be what you see on yours.
I have a bottle of that Holiday Glow, and a bottle of Espresso Your Style.
There's a China Glaze color that is very similar to Espresso also. 8)
Well if anyone has a full bottle of Holiday glow they would like to sell let me know.
I'll check mine on Tuesday. If it's not that low you're welcome to it!
Don't have many takers on that color.