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Full Version: we're famous!
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Okay - well maybe not, but my salon was used for a Planter's Peanuts commercial that just starting airing nationally. It ran during the Tonight Show last night and has been on the Cooking Network quite a bit Smile

You can't really see much of the salon, but it was still just a really cool experience and it is surreal seeing my place on TV!
how exciting!!!! great commercial too.. hubby and I have hours of conversation on commercial content Smile Quality, quantity, message, clarity... Smile
LOVE IT! How darn exciting for you guys!
Congrats... haven't seen the commercial yet - but I will pay more attention now!
Thats Awesome!! I have not seen it, but I am going to look for it now. Congrats, that really must be pretty cool! Smile
very cool!
Who Hoo!!! That's Awesome!!!
That's cooool! Surely people will line up.. By the way congrats!