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Full Version: Oily nail beds??
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Hello fellow nailtechs!
I have a silly question sorry about that...
How do you tell when nail beds are oily??
HI Kristina,

Think way back to school and remember your nail physiology section in your book. The part where the nail plate and nail bed is explained.
Do you remember any oil glands or (sebaceous glands) being listed there?

Nope! Because there aren't any. A nail plate/bed cannot be oily on it's own. Yes there are oil residues on top of the plate due to the plate touching your skin. Those are the oils that are removed when you cleanse the nail plate.

However a nail plate can hold moisture which comes up thru the nail bed. Especially if the person has clammy hands or has the condition called "Hyperhydrosis" I have had a client with this condition. I had to double all my normal steps on her from cleaning, dehydration and primer/bonding. She still barely made it two weeks and always had lifting.

Her hands would be dripping with sweat/moisture as I worked on her and I kept a towel on my lap to wipe them dry thru out the appointment.

It always makes me shake my head when I hear someone tell a client she has oily nail beds!!!

I havent run into too many clients with super sweaty hands or Hyperhydrosis. So if your client is lifting take mental notes as you touch her hand thru the appt. If they feel normal double check your prep steps and cuticle removal.

God luck