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Full Version: How many use LCN and Biosculpture gels?
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Curious, I used Biosculpture for some time, have never tried LCN

do you use them?
What is your experience with them?
I have 2 trial kits of LCN cosmique & black diamond- it was OK- but wayyyyy to pricey ! 2 salons I interviewed at used LCN Component resin F

It is interesting... I've read it is a great product... but no one I know uses it and no one locally uses it.
I was hoping to hear the actual salon experience with it...
ah well... maybe telling information as it is ;-)
I tried LCN and it's fine enough but def too pricey ...I tried the Bondique Black Diamond applies nice but not completely self leveling ...flexible, not wicked high shine - a good product but there are others out there as good or better priced better ...hth some