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Full Version: Lumos vs Dazzle Dry?
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I'm looking for a new base/top coat system. I've been using CND Sticky Base and Out The Door top coat ... but in researching I've found Dazzle Dry and Lumos.

Anyone have any preference? I do a LOT of nail art on toes and I would LOVE to have a top coat that really does dry quickly.

Do these work? Or should I just stick with what I have?

Thanks in advance![/color]
I think that girl Robin Moses uses Dazzle dry!
Lumos is terrific! In fairness I haven't tried Dazzle Dry so I can't really compare. With Lumos, I apply over wet polish, let them sit 12-15 minutes. This is a good time to schedule their next appointment, sell them some lotion or cuticle oil and get paid. Then they can put on shoes and socks and off they go. That's really handy in Colorado in January!
Thanks for your responses. I decided to go with Lumos. Had to get my shopping done today!!
I was thinking about the same thing but I think I'm just going to settle with Lumos. I use it at home and it works great for pedicures.
Dazzle Dry did exactly as it said it would. I applied to coats of polish on my nail applied the Dazzle dry with in a few seconds. Set the timer and in 6 minutes it was dry with a click!!

I have NEVER seen a top coat do this. 6 minutes! I turned it around and knocked it on the counter top edge and no dings, I have tapped my other nails on it vigorously and no dings. I have rubbed my thumb over it with a lot of pressure and no smudges!

SO... I'm sold. And Yes Robin Moses uses this product. And now so do I. Smile
Cindy, have you used the DD over any brand of polish?
(06-06-2014, 09:03 AM)youvegotnail! Wrote: [ -> ]Cindy, have you used the DD over any brand of polish?


The polish I used was not Dazzle Dry. It was a Generic one. It was new, not old.
Ive only tried it once but plan on running other experiments.

I did try another with two coats dark pink and two coats for a french white applied heavily and in 6 minutes the pink was dry to a click, the white didnt click but I could rub my finger over it with medium pressure and no smudging. I was still impressed. As you know french nails take (sandlot) (((FOREVER))) to dry.

Im going to do it again but not be so liberal with the white. In my experiment I was trying to make it as realistic as possible and wait to apply next coat as if I was painting all ten and coming back for the second coat, but I was probably still quicker as patience is not my best quality!! LOL.