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Full Version: Hard Gel under SOG
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We've recently had some customers that I believe have hard gel under SOG. We do the soak off and after we get all the polish off there is still a shiny layer of product that will not soak off. Has anyone else come across this?

Do you file off the Hard Gel or just leave it on there and apply fresh SOG? We've been removing the Hard Gel but it takes awhile to file it off (we only hand file).

I have heard a few Tech's doing this- seems they don't build the nail just use it as a base layer kept thin!
Yes, this is a technique that i will be doing in the salon with Akzentz gel called the 30 day manicure. It lasts 3-6 weeks and it was taught to me by Jessica Hoel. You just zip off the soak off color with your efile and keep a nice thin layer of hard gel underneath.
Yes I saw a video on Jessica doing this as well! Question though do u offer a regular gel polish application sog base , 2 sog colors, dog top & removal with traditional sog in foil and then also offer this "new" 30 day Mani?
Price difference?
If client asks difference - what do you say?

Thanks :-)
Do you file off the hard gel after 30 days (with the SOG)?

That is something I'm having to think about, I'm not sure. I come from a salon that does Shellac mani's but I really want to come away from soak off polish.

Yes, you file away the color whenever they come in. The layer of hard gel underneath protects the nail.
Hopefully Jessica will chime in :-)
Do you file off the hard layer of gel (that protects the nail)? Or apply another layer of it without filing off?
I do this all the time and I don't soak nails off. If they want them soaked off, they do that at home. I take it off with the efile.

I do this too. I only apply a soak off gel alone if the client tells me that it is for a special occasion and they do not plan on doing it regularly.
If someone wants to have beautiful natural nails and plans to come in on a regularly scheduled maintenance routine then I feel it is best to do a thin layer of a hard gel as the base and just efile the colors off, fill in the regrowth with our clear hard gel (I use Manicure gel) and then go back in with their new color choice.