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Full Version: how much to charge for services??
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I am thinking of starting an in home nail salon. I have the room for it and have been doing a little research and think ityd be the best thing for me. I can't stand the thought of. Getting the majority ofmy work taken away from commission. Anywho, I want to know what all of you charge for all services.... full set, fill, mani, pedi, buff and polish, shellac, art etc.
IMO, the best thing would be do the comm. simply because of the expense of redoing a room in your home to meet state requirements. Once you build your clientel, then you could consider booth rental.

Comm. doesn't take most of what you earn, the average is 30%-50%, and that sometimes is negotiable.

The amount you charge should be in line with your skills. If you're doing a f/s in 2 hrs., unless you do awesome work, most aren't going to want to sit there for that long. Your pricing will need to reflect that, imo. If you go too low, ppl will wonder what's wrong with your work, others will not value your work and you won't get the ones who'll be loyal, the salon hoppers looking for the best price.
Don't try to compete pricewise with the Asians, you'll need to offer what they don't, product wise and customer service......people are willing to pay more for great service and they're the ones who will be coming back time and again.
i have noticed all the postings you have and wonder where are you located? perhaps a nearby mentor would be the best thing you could do first. get your skills up to par and then consider the at home or salon approach. take no offense, but from what i have read of your postings you sound like you do need a refresher with someone. almost all of us will mentor, or you can post for a networking near you. we are doing one here in texas for people that have a lot of the same questions as you do, also with more advanced lessons as well. its in november.
we can answer your questions but i think we would be doing you a diservice by not suggesting mentoring with the things you are asking. :wink:


There are many many benefits to working commission vs home salon, at least at first. I am not sure if I remember you saying how long you have been doing nail? Working in the shop and being paid a % means not worrying about advertising, parking, utilities, phone listing, insurance, withholding you own taxes, supplies and product ( minus tools ) retail on the shelves. For me I feel like you will build umpteen times faster than starting at home.
No matter where your offering service, be competitive in pricing with similar places and find your niche that makes you different. It's to hard to help set prices since there are other factors to consider.
moushax37 I do nails at home as well as work part time at a spa where I get paid commission. This works out great for me. The clients I take at home are usually by word of mouth or a friend of a friend etc. We do not do acrylic or gel services at the spa I work at so I get the chance to do it at home. I live in the Chicagoland area so I charge $35 for a full set, $15 for manicures, $30 for pedicures and $25 for fill ins. Please let me know if you have more questions.