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Full Version: Brisa Lite Gel or Acrylic?
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Hello,I have a client that damaged her big toe,it's just a little dis colored from her picking at it all the time.i have never fixed it were I have to build on the sides because her toenail is very narrow,so she wants me to expand the nail to make wider.Should I use Brisa lite sculpting or acrylic and how would I go about building the nail?Thanks!
I have a client coming tomorrow night with the same problem. She has 1/2 of a toe nail lengthwise from cuticle to free edge and it's also narrow. Hopefully we get some ideas.
Ok,what I did was use a clear form to protect the skin,or u can use scotch tape,and widen it with acrylic,and it looked really good.You have to make sure the nail is clear of infection and theirs not too much trauma to apply something over it. Hope that helps. Smile