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Full Version: having to retake written nail exam for reciprocity
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I originally got my license in Ga in 1986. I let it lapse when I had my children 16 years ago. Recently ,I got my Ga license back. The salon I am going to be working at is in S.C. To get reciprocity has been a nightmare.. I have to take the national written and practical for S.C.
I need to refresh for the written , but dont want to spend 60.00-100 for a textbook. Any suggestions?
If you have a community college that teaches nail tech, they probably have a few textbooks in their library you can check out or at least study from
thank you..that was my next move..Smile I wish this wasnt such a hard thing to do..
ALL the answers are in the book for the written;I asked a NIC member once and that is what she said. If you know anyone that took it, know that they do not change it often and have a chat with that person.
I did that several years ago; I just flicked through a couple times and got in the 90's. But dern, I had to buy it!