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Full Version: Wax disaster...
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I was at a client's house and brought my wax with me to wax her arms. When it was time to go, the wax was still warm and liquid but the wax pot was on a tray with the cover on it. I was ready to walk out the door and she stopped me to show me a new pair of shoes she had purchased. I wasn't watching and the tray tipped to the side a little and the wax streamed out onto her rug. Sad

Now, it's not a very big amount but it sort of streamed over a 12" by 12" area.

I was just mortified! This has never happened to me and if I hadn't stopped, it wouldn't have. She's not blaming me but I told her I'd look into if anyone has any ideas how to remove it.

My question is: Does anyone know how to remove this without damaging her rug? Has anyone else had this kind of problem?
I had something similiar happen to me, the pot turned over on the back floor board of my husband's truck. A car detailer go it out for me, tho there was slight dark spot still left it can be done but other than using newspapers and an iron, I don't know what else you could do.
Ok, that sounds doable. I didn't think about an iron. Maybe some paper towels would be better and absorb more. Thanks, Donna!

Anyone have any other suggestions, I'm open to everything!
Wax typically can be removed with an oil based cleanser. Wonder if you can lightly take and old tooth brush dip in oil cleanser then brush wax on rug until the wax begins to ball up? Just a thought.
use any oil, baby oil works, dab it on the surface and go around the edges.. she will have to clean it good after with some oxyclean that will break down the oil left in the carpet.. oil that you use on the skin after waxing works too.. any oil should lift it


I'm not sure the iron with paper towels would work on wax meant to stick to hair. I have used the iron on paraffin or candles though. I think the oil method will be the best.
Smile I had the very same thing happen to me...
I got it out of the carpet by, placing a paper bag on top of it, and putting a warm iron to it.. It took it out beautifully.
I agree with the iron and paper bag.....I used it to get bright blue hard wax out of beige carpet. I would think it would be the same with a soft wax. Good luck!

Thanks for everyone's ideas! I'll be going there tomorrow and trying them all!

I'll update.
I hope it comes out.
I have to thank everyone for all the ideas! I used the brown bag and iron to get the wax up and it worked!

The only thing left was a slight sticky feeling on the carpet but I used a wax remover and it got everything up! I was so relieved!

I honestly thought I'd be buying her a new carpet. She probably wouldn't have asked me to do that but I would have felt obligated.

This client is home bound right now and it would just have killed me to think she'd have to live with that.

Thank you-Thank you-Thank you AGAIN for your help! I never would have thought of all that!



Phew, that's great. I will have to remember that paper bag trick then, I really thought it wouldn't work with that kind of wax. Good to know and I bet she is thankful you did that for her. Big Grin
That is great! I'm glad it worked. I'll have to keep that in the back of my head.
Oh wow, what a relief!!! I was going to suggest alcohol. If any sticky is left that always works. What kind of wax remover did you use?
This reminds me of what my hubby did. I have a warmer at home and so i had a nearly empty can of wax i just tossed in the trash bag. Instead of having to walk to the dumpster hubby tossed said garbage bag onto the hood of our car and drives to the dumpster busting the bag and pouring wax all over our windshield. I didnt know about it until after he'd spent the entire day scraping wax off our window with a razor blade. Rofl. Im glad the wax you spilt came up easier.