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Full Version: Haute Polish ????
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Anyone seen the infomercial on this stuff ? Any thoughts ,or opinions ? Just feel like I am constantly having to defend my professionalism, and justify my prices because of discount shops, now this...really ????
Haute Polish, Hollywood Nails, Sensationnail, even mini Gelish have been on the market for a while. There is virtually nothing that we use that the public doesn't have access to. However, clients don't juat come to us for product, they come for our professionalism, skill, and knowledge as well. Don't sweat it.
Direct anyone with questions to the reviews on Amazon.
(04-10-2014, 05:00 PM)jimsjadab Wrote: [ -> ]Direct anyone with questions to the reviews on Amazon.

Took the time ,read the reviews, and I feel better...just like you know Beyonce doesn't color her own hair, I guess sometimes I still get a bit insecure, and insulted, when I love my craft so much ,and my livelihood feels threatened somehow by the do it yourselfer, discount diva ,world we live in now...