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Full Version: Need Advice?.
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Hello everyone,sorry this may a little long,sorry.I am a having an issue with wanting to venture out on my own,maybe ,possibly booth rent somewhere,or work as a medical nail tech,doing house calls on clients that can't afford salon prices,but still want a nice service.The spa where I work ,I love and recently bumped my hours down,due to my hubby,and son being sick.I work with 4 other nail tech so it's hard to try new things w/o getting permission.My owner has been great to me and is always open to suggestions on everything.So I was thinking ,of slowly doing some things on my own ,like I already have been doing reflexology,I'm studying to learn more about natural health,incorporating it into a Wellness Pedicure,and maybe in the future do either commission/booth rent.i have already gotten two offers from two different salons,and I think I just scared,because it would be like I'm starting all over,and I make good money working part time,but don't want to financially shoot myself in the foot either.i know this May be a good move,but don't want to put too much pressure on myself either.Just torn because I love it thereand still want to keep my foot in the door for my clients I already have.Plus I signed a contract that doesn't allow me to take my clients with me if I do leave.Any suggestions or thoughts are welcome.Thanks so much!
Where do you live? Your owner sounds responsible and fair, while doing mobile services may be risky. See this discussion on Facebook:
Read the responses to the first post as it evolves into a discussion about mobile services.
I live in louisville
Is doing that a legal option in KY? Even if it were, does it make financial sense to take on ownership responsibilities (insurance, supplies, etc)? You plan on charging less than the salon, but need to factor travel time/expenses . . . have you researched MNT?
I wanted to do something for outside clients that can't afford to come to the salon,and older clients that can't get out,as well.Yes I am looking into mnt.Do they have an accredited certification for this?i may talk to my boss about this as well,we also go to nursing homes and hospitals for mani/pedis.Yes I am looking into more education,and different avenues to future myself.Now that my time is limited at work theirs only so much I can do,but I do have a lot of clients that will only come to me.Thanks!
You first need to establish whether doing services outside your licensed establishment is legal. The MNT is NOT a government-issued license. Only your state has the authority to license you.
So what can Mnt do for me? Is it worth paying their fee to learn what?Just curious,Ty