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Full Version: pseudomonas,,fungus,etc question need help
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i have a fellow nail tech that claims that if you serve a client with pseudomonas you have to throw apart from the nail files and buffer the nail polishes and the brushes (if you have used gel or acrylic) because pseudomonas can be trasmitted to the polish .its the first time i hear something like this.up to now i knew that nail polishes are not a good enviroment for bacteria and fungus to live but what if a client had hepatitis and by accident you cut them and then you polish them?it may be an extreme example but what im trying to answer myself is how can we use safe material apart from those that are for one use?i would love to hear what you all do!
you should throw away the files,buffer and orange wood stick. As long as your implements and tub are sterilized than that should be ok. By law, you should not be servicing a person with fungal toenails.