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Full Version: Airbrush French with gel overlay...Help
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I'm trying to figure out what type of gel to use over airbrush French on acrylics and gels. I. Can't seem to get the right gel to not wear at the tips of nails. I know the budget salons do this and it seems to stay. What do they use? :?
Do you cap the free edge? I know one that uses IBD Intense seal, but I don't have good luck with that product. For me it sometimes causes little "bumps" ( I don't know what to call it) The UV topcoat I use is N.S.I. Glaze n Go but I can't say for sure how it holds up over airbrushing.
I know what you mean about IBD in tense seal, had the same problem. I started using OPI'S axxium gel sealer and it does not get those little bumps. I need something heavier than that though. Have even tried putting 2 coats of regular gel and I do cap edges, guess I just need some info on what brand to use.